cropped-cropped-cropped-awesome-sunrise-nature-wallpapers-hd-pictures.jpg What do you think of when you see a beautiful sunrise? Is it just a common everyday occurrence with no special meaning? Has there ever been a time in your life when the sunrise meant more than just the start of each day or perhaps that you soon needed to go to work?

For me, sunrises started as just a reminder of God's beautiful created order. The couch in my living room faces east and many mornings in the Spring and Fall I watched the sunrise as I prayed and drank coffee. The appearing of the sun, especially when clouds added color to the sky, reminded me of God's glory as revealed in creation.

Eventually this practice of watching the sunrise took on more significance. I had just come through a dark time in my life, one filled with much grief and sorrow. As Jesus healed the deep wounds of my past, He also brought hope alive in my heart once again. This life did not represent the end of my story. An eternity full of joy awaited me. Each sunrise reminded me of this coming new day when Jesus would return to take me home to be with Him.

Although years have passed, each beautiful sunrise still reminds me of the coming future day when Jesus will make all things new, eliminate death, forever remove tears and sorrow from our daily experience (Rev. 21:4-5).

It is living with a two-world perspective. As Paul David Tripp stated, "We were made to live with one eye on now and one eye on eternity." We were not created to live as though this life is all we have, yet so many believers live as though eternity does not exist, as though they must make this life a paradise. Our true paradise, however, awaits in eternity.

When we forget about eternity, the trials of this life hit us so much harder. I know that from personal experience. Each sunrise, however, reminds me that a glorious day is on its way. This life is not all we have; we have so much more than just this fleeting moment in time. Soon we will have all eternity!