Below are the books that I have either published or am in the process of writing. I hope to finish A Hope-Filled Life in the near future and self-publish it.

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My book Shipwrecked! Learning From The Bible Bad Guys deals with the many of the negative emotions that that stem from the hurts, disappointments, and relationship pain we so often encounter during our lives. We can learn much about our walk with the Lord from the failures of these guys.

Introduction: When Life Does Not Go as Planned

1 Saul: Sometimes We Have to Wait

2 Saul: The Danger of Seeking Our Own Glory

3 Joab: When Faith Does Not Touch the Heart

4 Absalom: A Ticking Time Bomb

5 Ahithophel: Motivated by Revenge

6 Rehoboam: A Foolish Decision

7 Gehazi: Greed Shipwrecks a Life of Service

8 Esau: The Futility of Living for the Moment

9 Eli: When People Become Our Idols

10 Diotrephes: When Pride Usurps Service to Others

11 Asa: The Danger of Forgetfulness

12 Cain: The Tragedy of Not Knowing God

13 John Mark: Overcoming Failure

Conclusion: Life Will Never Go as We Plan It

My book is available at Bold Vision Books and

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A Hope-Filled Life – How a Two -World Perspective Calms our Deepest Fears

What’s the source of our fears? Do they not most often spring from our uneasiness regarding the future? We watch as our world descends into violence and wonder, “What’s next?” At church, the vague references to eternal life or heaven fail to stir our hearts or relieve worries about our everyday lives or the world around us. We need so much more than bland assurances of the “sweet by and by,” which do little to relieve our apprehensions of what might be ahead for us in a chaotic and violent world.

"A Hope-Filled Life" shows how the scriptural specifics of eternity calm our anxieties and bring healing to the deepest wounds of our hearts.