We were created to live in a forever relationship with a forever God forever. We were designed to live based on a long view of life. We were made to live with one eye on now and one eye on eternity. You and I simply cannot live as we were put together without forever.” Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies

The above quote sums up the purpose of this website. God made us to live with an eternal focus, one that values eternal realities above our temporal dreams and hopes. The Lord has placed a multitude of prophecies in Scripture so we would not only know about the joy ahead for us in eternity, but also so our hope would inspire us as well as enable us to cope with the rough paths of our lives.

Our hope of Jesus’ imminent return to take us home (John 14:2-3) enables us to look above the frustrations and fretful nights of this life to the unimaginable joy and endless excitement that awaits us in heaven! He is coming soon!


The Blog

Are you needing inspiration for the journey? My articles are written with the specific goal of providing encouragement for weary travelers through an emphasis on the joys ahead for us in eternity. My latest posts are listed below.

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I would love to share my passion for our eternal hope your group, church, men’s breakfast, or whatever. So many today overlook topics such as the Rapture and the Millennium because they do not understand why these things are so necessary for their daily lives.
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My Journey

My passion for writing about our eternal hope came from my failures and struggles. I learned the hard way that it’s not just what you know that matters, but what you value. My life changed when I learned to value eternal realities above my temporal aspirations!

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