My Battle With PTSD: The Rugged Path to Healing

My Battle With PTSD: The Rugged Path to Healing

My hope of forever also keeps my perspective balanced between now and forever by reminding me that eternal realities are so much more valuable than the fleeting things of this life. That, however, was a lesson I learned the hard way!

It took the Lord working through much pain and chaos in my life to change my earthbound outlook on life and through that to put me on the path of healing in my battle with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Note: This is a repost for those new to my blog!

The Barren Road of Revenge

The Barren Road of Revenge

Nestled away in the historical books of the Bible is a tale of hatred and sordid revenge. It’s the story of Ahithophel and his deep hatred for King David.

I can guess what you must be thinking. Who in the world was Ahithophel and why should I care about his quest for vengeance?

Let me begin by answering the first part of your question.

Author, Speaker, and Teacher

I have been posting articles on this blog for over a year and a half and have not really introduced myself (unless one has in the past gone to the "Who and Why" page and scrolled way to the bottom). Of the 232 followers on this blog, probably about 30 are friends and family so most of you do not know much about me.

So, allow me to finally introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Brentner and I am a writer, Bible teacher at my church, a hopeful speaker, and a blogger (as you well know).

My interest in writing started during my six years as a senior pastor when I had the opportunity to write adult Sunday school curriculum for David C. Cook. That was the summer of 1984 and I still produce Bible lessons for them.